2007 EA Player Mauricio Delgado Gets Professional Experience

6 weeks ago, Mauricio Delgado was preparing to play in a big tournament.  His team, the DLVSC 2007 EA team was about to play in the Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup. He knew they would be playing tough teams, including the Canadian National Champions.  He knew they would be playing 4 games over 3 days.  What he didn’t know was that he would be spotted by scouts from La Liga Select and be selected to attend a special week of training in Spain.
Players from around the country joined Mauricio at the camp.  The group stayed at the Centro ESC LaLiga & NBA.
Their first training was from coaches with Atletico de Madrid and Real Madrid as well as La Liga Select coaches.  They also had training at an incredible facility Ciudad Real Madrid.  The group them moved to the Centro Deportivo Wanda Alcala de Henares, which is the new training ground for the youth academy for the Atletico Madrid.

They played a few friendly games with some of their top youth academy teams,  Mauricio was chosen team captain for the game against Atletico Madrid.

Mauricio was also given a tour of Civitas Metropolitan  Stadium where later he got to see Atletico Madrid vs. Valencia.  He was also able to see Coliseum Alfonso Perez  where He got to see another match between Getafe Vs Sevilla FC. One of the goals of La Liga Select is to give the players an experience of being a professional soccer player.  Training and living in such an environment gives the players incite and gives them motivation to work even harder to reach their goals.

After his return, Mauricio commented, “I am missing the experience already but I hope to get back to it soon.


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