Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club

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chapman auto group is a proud sponsor of downtown Las vegas soccer club


  1. Fees are listed on the Downtown LVSC website, click here
  2. Programs
  3. Fee’s
  4. Club Fee is required at the time of Registration
  5. Coaching fees can be paid bi-monthly or one discounted payment
  6. Coaching fees are for an entire year.  To aid in families that are unable to pay for the year all at once, we offer to divide the amount do into smaller bi-monthly segments.
  7. You will receive a copy of the projected league and tournament fees for your age group at the first parent meeting.

Registration for DLVSC

  1. Go to the Downtown LVSC website
  2. Programs
  3. Fees
  4. Click on Birth Year age group (regardless of team, this can be changed later)

Example: 2/14/2011, click on U9-U10 (even if the child is playing up)

  1. If you already have a “Gotsport Account: Click on Register next to the player’s name

New to “Gotsport”? Click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT

  1. Enter Information / Either Login, or Create Account.  Complete all pages.
  2. Add a credit or debit card for payments

Picture for Players Card

  1. The picture for your player card should be a head and shoulder image with the player wearing their blue Downtown LVSC jersey against a solid white background.

Order a Uniform

  1. Get a number from the coach.  Do not “pick” your own because someone may already have that number.
  2. Ask what Uniform Kit/model the coach wants you to order.
  3. Go to the DLVSC website:
  4. Click on Resources, then uniforms

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