Andrii Yeskov Finds A Home At Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club

Andrii Yeskov’s journey began during the war in Ukraine. As the conflict escalated, he and his mother were forced to flee their home and seek refuge in a safer country. They ultimately settled in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Andrii was enrolled as a student at the Corel Academy.

Despite the challenges of adjusting to a new country and culture, Andrii found solace in his love for soccer. He was sponsored as a player with the  Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club and quickly became a standout player on the team. The Club provided what he needed to succeed on the field, and succeed he did.

Andrii’s passion for the game was infectious, and he quickly emerged as a leader on the field. He was always pushing himself and his teammates to do better, and he was never satisfied with anything less than their best effort. Andrii’s dedication and hard work paid off, and he became one of the top goal scorers on the team.

His coach, Shaun admires Andrii’s passion for the game and his leadership on the field.

“It is brilliant having Andrii on the team.  He communicates well with the team and he is a leader. He has created and scored a lot of goal.s  He is a great player and a great lad.”

Despite the challenges that Andrii faced when he left Ukraine, he found a new home in Las Vegas and a new family at Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club. His passion for the game helped him to overcome the difficulties of adjusting to a new life, and he continues to inspire others with his leadership and dedication.

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