Boys Teams

Boys U8 2011 Gold – Danny Reyes

Boys U8 2011 Navy – Danny Reyes

Boys U8 2011 White – Brando Contreras

Boys U8 2011 Silver – Brando Contreras

Boys U7 2012 Gold – BJ Willeford

Boys U6 2013 Gold – Enoch Wong

Developmental (Stage 1: U7 & U8)

Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club (DLVSC) looks to provide U7 & U8 players with a fun, safe and developmentally appropriate soccer environment. This stage of the player’s development pathway will look to increase their technical knowledge and improve their ability to function in 4 on 4 games. An increased focus on players technical attributes will align perfectly to the work already completed in the Minis program. 

The DLVSC curriculum is constantly evolving and developing in order to provide our players with the most effective learning environment. At this age, we focus more on physical literacy development and the improvement of technique rather than any tactical concepts. Throughout the season our DLVSC coaches will aim to develop the young players physically, emotionally, cognitively and socially. These 4 areas are the cornerstones of our DLVSC curriculum which looks to holistically develop each and every player within our club. Every session is designed and delivered in a player centered way to ensure they develop fully while also having fun and developing a love for the game. The coaches within our club are experts at engaging with young players to ensure they are always challenged and are continually developing their attributes and skillset. The DLVSC curriculum and the coaches who are tasked with delivering it has been hand-picked to ensure every session is delivered to the highest possible standard at all times.

      • Teams play small sided-sided games (4 v 4) with no goalkeepers with a focus on improving the player’s technical ability with the ball
      • Each team will be coached by a qualified staff coach 
      • Each squad will consist of 6-8 players
      • Practice will be held twice a week for a duration of 60 minutes from August to May
      • Teams will play regular games, both in the Fall and the Spring

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