Boys Competitive Teams U15 – U19

Boys U19 2000 Gold  – Frank D’Amelio
Boys U18 2001 Navy – Danny Parkhurst
Boys U18 2001 White – Frank D’Amelio
Boys U18 2001 Gold – Camilo Valencia
Boys U17 2002 Gold – Liam Connors
Boys U17 2002 Navy – Patrick Lawrence
Boys U16 2003 Gold – Dan Schell
Boys U16 2003 Navy – Rafael Mitjans
Boys U15 2004 Gold – Dan Schell

Girls Competitive Teams U11 – U19

Girls U19 2000 Gold – Ali Skogrand
Girls U17 2002 Gold – Steven Drew
Girls U15 2004 Gold – John Millen

Competitive (Stage 2: U15 – U19)

Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club (DLVSC) aims for teams at these ages to be competitive at state and regional level with a view to players being exposed to college opportunities when they graduate from high school. Teams at these ages are at the elite end of soccer in Nevada and as such, players are expected to demonstrate an extremely high level of commitment towards training and their personal development. 

The DLVSC coaches at these ages are among the best in Nevada and as such the training, guidance and advice provided will be of the highest possible standard. The players will receive expertise from coaches who have played and coached at college and professional level. This level of coaching expertise will allow the players to be exposed to, and to understand fully the expectations placed on players that wish to play at the highest level. 

Each player will work in to an individualized development program to ensure all areas of need are addressed and given appropriate time and support to ensure they improve. All sessions provided will work in line with the DLVSC curriculum and aim to develop our players into the leading athletes and tacticians within the state and beyond.

College progression is an extremely important focus for all players at these ages and as such, DLVSC will expose the players to the best tournaments and showcases for college exposure. The coach will work closely with the DLVSC college pathway program director to ensure the exposure is appropriate for the level of our players college ambitions. The college pathway program director will work closely with each team, each player and the parents to offer support and guidance on the best ways to maximize college exposure. 

As well as the DLVSC coaches expertly developing the players technical and tactical skills, the players will also be exposed to a fourth session per week designed specifically to improve their strength & conditioning. The sessions will be delivered by strength & conditioning coaches in the Philippi Sports Institute in line with a weekly curriculum designed to build the players bodies for the season ahead and ultimately, for the rigors of college soccer. This level of expertise and guidance will undoubtedly help the players develop their physical attributes to improve their power, acceleration and general athleticism. The sessions will teach players appropriate technique and some essential exercises designed to make them a more powerful and explosive athlete. 

  • Each team will be coached by an extremely well qualified and experienced DLVSC staff coach under the guidance of the Director of Coaching
  • Each squad will consist of 16-18 players
  • On field Practice will be held three times a week for a duration of 90 minutes from November to May
  • Strength & Conditioning training will be held once a week for a duration of 90 minutes from January to May
  • Teams will compete in State, Regional and out of state competition where appropriate

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