Competitive (Stage 1: U11 – U14)

Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club (DLVSC) aims for teams at these ages, both at 9 a side and 11 a side to be competitive in games and to be extremely committed to developing their skills through practice three times a week. The DLVSC curriculum focuses primarily on player development with a view to ensuring our players are technically and tactically capable of competing in games and tournaments. 

The club aims to have all teams from U11 – U14 playing in a similar style, regardless if they are competing with 9 or 11 a side games. The tactical concepts covered previously in 7 a side will be built upon and players will start to fully understand each positions roles and responsibilities. A positional rotation will still take place to ensure our players are adept at playing multiple positions and their understanding and knowledge of the game are as high as possible. 

Each and every player will be assessed and will discuss with their coaches their individual areas for development. Sessions will be delivered in line with weekly and monthly themes with the DLVSC curriculum to ensure players develop holistically. All sessions will be delivered in a fun, safe and inclusive way with an increased tempo and competitiveness in the speed of the exercises. An increased focus on players technical and tactical skills will be evident throughout sessions along with the aims of developing the players social and physical literacy skills. 

  • Each team will be coached by an extremely well qualified and experienced DLVSC staff coach under the guidance of the Director of Coaching
  • Each squad will consist of 15-18 players
  • Practice will be held three times a week for a duration of 90 minutes from August to May
  • Teams will play regular games, both in the Fall and the Spring
  • Teams will compete in Statewide competition as well as out of state tournaments where appropriate

As well as the DLVSC coaches expertly developing the players technical and tactical skills, the players will also be exposed weekly to 30 minutes on Speed and Agility training with the DLVSC Speed and Agility Coach. This level of expertise and guidance will undoubtedly help the players develop their physical attributes to improve their power, acceleration, and general athleticism. The sessions will teach players appropriate stretching and core exercises designed to improve their strength and ultimately, to avoid injuries. 

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