DLVSC Speed & Agility Program

Speed and agility training is a priority for soccer players so we’ve designed a program which is focused on the fundamentals to ensure our players improve their linear, lateral & multi-directional movements on the field. The training provided will improve dynamic balance, which is the ability to maintain control of a moving center of mass over a changing base of support. Players reactivity and quickness will also be enhanced following delivery of drills focused on enhancing their natural reflexes helping the player to move faster. This cutting-edge program is delivered by a nationally certified coach who is an expert in soccer. 

In addition to working with players to improve their speed & agility, this program will also look to enhance a player’s ability to remain injury free through a series of pre-habilitation sessions. Pre-habilitation is the process of optimizing physical functionality preoperatively to enable the individual to maintain a normal level of function. The pre-habilitation training provided will be a combination of aerobic exercises, strength training, and functional task training to suit each individual’s needs.

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