Hello Parents and Players

These are the step by step instructions on registering for Tryouts for Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club.  We are using a brand new platform called Gotsport.  The registration is simple to do, and once it is complete, any event your register for after this will be a snap.  Thank you for your interest in Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club. We can’t wait to see you on the fields.

Step 1 –

Click on the button to begin the registration process.


The gotsport.com is a new platform under gotsoccer.  Even if you have a gotsoccer.com account, you will need to CREATE AN ACCOUNT under this platform

Step 2 –

Select “I’m registering my child of someone else.”



Step 3 –

Complete everything on the registration.  The section marked “Registrants Information” is the player information.


Step 4-

The area “Your Information” is Parent information.


Step 5 –

You can select the language of choice and all Gotsport screens will be displayed in the language you choose.


Step 6-

Pick “Pacific (US & Canada) time zone. 

Step 7

IMPORTANT: Your email address becomes your User ID.  Also select a password and the Click “Sign Up”



Step 8 –

Next to your name of your player, click on the “Register.” 

If have another player in your house, you can add them here as well.




Step 9 –

Now it is time to input the information on your player.  Please enter all the information requested.  If you get an error saying you need to add a state, add United States as a country first, then add Nevada.

IMPORTANT: Be sure you click “Yes, I’d like to receive email from this club” so that we can email you important tryout information.

Providing information to NCSA is optional and not part of registering for Downtown LVSC Tryouts.




Step 10 –

This is where you can add a second parent if you like.  

Step 11-

Once you are happy with the parents listed, click on “Continue”



Step 12 –

This is where you will input Emergency Info.  Be sure to include at least one adult and answer Allergies and Medical condition questions.



Step 13 –

Fill out all the registrations questions, then click “Save (Page 1 of 1).



Step 14-

There is no charge for registering for Tryouts, so click “Select” on the $0.00 price box.



Step 15-

This is the Cart, like checking out with products and the product listed is the $0.00 Player Tryouts.  If you would like to register another player, they can be added to this cart before you check out. Click “Check Out.”



Step 16-

Okay, you have inputted your information and paid ($0.00).  Now it is time to register your player.  Click “Register.”



Step 17-

That’s It!  Your child is registered for Tryouts.

If you like you can go back to your account and add any non required information you skipped before.

Thank you and we hope to see you and your player soon.



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