Downtown 05 Gold Player Ryder Breeden Is Giving Back

Ryder Breeden is an excellend member of our community.  He volunteers for a progam called Young Men’s Charity League.  The program  It’s for young men in 9th grade and follows them through to 12th grade. They work with many different philanthropies all over the city and volunteer their time and efforts to give back to the community. It also helps navigate them through many other necessities in life like how to interview, build a resume, apply for college, tie a tie, etc. It has been a great experience for Ryder.
Ryder has already done work this summer with Project 150 which is an amazing program that helps to clothe and feed homeless high schoolers. He also dedicates a few hours on Sundays to help out at the senior center near our house calling out BINGO has also volunteered for Families for Effective Autisim Treatment who threw a Back to School pool party for Autistic children to come and enjoy the evening in a safe and nonjudgmental environment while providing many resource outlets for parents to gain information and further programs to help with their children. WOW! Ryder is certainly a special guy and we are proud he wears our uniform.
Next month we are hoping to get started with The Miracle League where you get to buddy a player with special needs in either a softball or soccer game!   
We are very proud and Ryder and thank him for all the voiunteer work he does to help our community.