Player & Parent Handbook

General Parent Guidelines and Expectations

  • Parents should understand the mission and philosophy of the club.
  • Parents are reminded that they represent Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club and should behave in an appropriate manner. Inappropriate words or actions on the sideline, the internet or any other venue can be damaging to the club and will not be tolerated.
  • Primary role of parent is to support the player, coach and club. Support the player without pressure, praise good work and refrain from criticizing or critiquing.
  • Respect the DLVSC coaching Staff and allow them to do their job without interference or conflict.
  • Because some players depending on age are dependent upon parents for transportation it is important that parents are committed to making arrangements that their child is at all club functions on time.
  • Any situations from during training or games that require parent coach communication (questions about playing time etc.) we ask that parents observe the “24 hour rule”. This simply means that a period of time passes so that both parties can listen more carefully and responsively with much of the emotion removed from the situation.
  • Encourage and help the player meet targets, including these expectations and the rules and guidelines set forth by DLVSC.
  • Parents are expected to attend the DLVSC Parent Orientation each year.

Parent Training Guidelines and Expectations

  • Parent’s role during training sessions is to observe and keep a separation between themselves and the players/coach.
  • Parents and other family members should not enter the training surface before, during or after training. Players will be released to parents at the conclusion of team activities.


Parent Match Day Expectations

  • Match days – parents should not enter the match playing surface before, during or after matches, including half time. Please keep a separation from players/coach until players are released to parents at the conclusion of team activities.
  • Please make sure that players bring fluids to training/matches and ensure that they have all necessary training/match equipment and gear.
  • It is imperative that parents refrain from shouting instructions to the players during matches. General encouragement is welcomed.
  • Parents are expected to behave as a role model while on the sideline. At no time should they be engaged in verbal dialogue with the referee, opposing players, coaches or fans.

General Player Guidelines and Expectations

  • Players should understand the mission and philosophy of the club.
  • Players are reminded that they represent Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club and should behave in an appropriate manner. Swearing, fighting, bullying and bad behavior of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Players must make a commitment to academic achievement and ensure they complete their individual studies at school.
  • All players are expected to keep themselves physically healthy at all times outside of the club training program through a sensible nourishing diet, appropriate rest and strict avoidance of drugs, tobacco and alcohol.

Player Training Guidelines and Expectaions

  • Players are required to wear club issued gear for all training sessions.
  • Jewelry must not be worn for training sessions for personal safety and that of other players. The club will not accept responsibility for jewelry or valuables brought to training sessions.
  • Players should be punctual to all training sessions. This means arriving to training fifteen minutes before the designated time. Attendance and commitment will be a major factor with player development – therefore, players that do not show to team events may jeopardize playing time and/or team placement.
  • Players should focus on the development of technical/tactical skills during training sessions. Players are expected to work hard and display a positive attitude towards wanting to improve during every training session.
  • If a player is not able to attend a training session or game it is the responsibility of the player to contact the coach as far in advance as possible so that appropriate plans can be made in the player’s absence.
  • It is the responsibility of the players to help the coach with the collection of all equipment after trainin

Player Matchday Guidelines and Expectations

  • Players are required to wear club issued kit for all matches.
  • Players should be punctual to all matches. This means arriving at the field no later than the designated time.
  • Players should focus on the execution of technical/tactical skills during matches.
  • Respect for opponents, match officials and administrative personnel is expected at all times.

General Coach Expectations/Conduct:

  • First and foremost all members of the DLVSC coaching staff are to see themselves as role models and ambassadors for the club.
  • All coaches must be aware that at any time they are representing themselves, their team and more over DLVSC, it is imperative that coaches are respectful to all around them. A high expectation of professional behavior is expected at all times, both on and off the field.
  • Coaches should aspire to continually improve themselves in the player development process and seek feedback and education, both formal and informal, in order to help them achieve this.
  • Coaches must embrace the club player development philosophy and take pride in the development of each individual player assigned to them.