Downtown Las Vegas Soccer

Boys Competitive Teams U11 – U19

2007 (U11) Boys Academy- TBA
2007 (U11) Boys Rapids – Ivan Somera
2006 (U12) Boys Academy- Arturo Medina
2006 (U12) Boys Rapids – TBA
2005 (U13) Boys Academy- Arturo Medina
2005 (U13) Boys Rapids – Hugo Gonzalez
2004 (U14) Boys Academy- Danny Parkhurst
2004 (U14) Boys Rapids – TBA
2003 (U15) Boys Academy- Patrick Lawrence
2003 (U15) Boys Rapids – TBA
2002 (U16) Boys Academy- Armando Orozco
2002 (U16) Boys Rapids – Patrick Lawrence
2001 (U17) Boys Academy- Cami Valencia
2001 (U17) Boys Rapids – Danny Parkhurst
2000 (U18) Boys Academy- Liam Connors
2000 (U18) Boys Rapids – Cami Valencia
1999 (U19) Boys Academy- Danny Parkhurst

Girls Competitive Teams U11 – U19

2007 (U11) Girls Academy- Armando Orozco III
2007 (U11) Girls Rapids – TBA
2006 (U12) Girls Academy- TBA
2006 (U12) Girls Rapids – TBA
2005 (U13) Girls Academy- TBA
2005 (U13) Girls Rapids – TBA
2004 (U14) Girls Academy- John Millen
2004 (U14) Girls Rapids – TBA
2003 (U15) Girls Academy- Sam Barnett
2003 (U15) Girls Rapids – TBA
2002 (U16) Girls Academy- TBA
2002 (U16) Girls Rapids – TBA
2001 (U17) Girls Academy- TBA
2001 (U17) Girls Rapids – TBA
2000 (U18) Girls Academy- Sam Barnett
2000 (U18) Girls Rapids – Sam Barnett
1999 (U19) Girls Academy- TBA

*Special note – teams that have an 18 player roster can carry up to 22 players as per Nevada State rules. The 18 man roster is dictated per game and/or event by the individual team coach. If you have questions about roster size contact your team coach.*

Benefits of Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club


Downtown Las Vegas Soccer is a premier soccer teaching club stressing individual development over team success.

Elite Options

Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club offers the most advanced levels of play, providing opportunities from beginner to elite.


Downtown Las Vegas Soccer focuses on quality communication and valuable information for parents and players to act on.

Beginner to Advanced

All levels of play are welcome at Downtown Las Vegas Soccer. We truly focus on the “Home for Every Player” mentality.


A knowledgeable staff and the support of the DLVSC front office, you’ll find organization at its finest.

Professional Curriculum

Downtown Las Vegas Soccer provides a professional teaching curriculum that extends from the MLS Colorado Rapids professional team down to three-years-old.

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