Player Development Program


The Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club player development program is carefully planned from the begging of the seasonal year to the end. The technical staff work daily in the club office to continually improve and develop the program and are in constant communication with our coaching staff in program implementation.

All of our coaches, from the youngest groups through to the oldest, follow a detailed 35 week curriculum provided by the Colorado Rapids Academy directors which focuses in a logical order all of the important development techniques, topics, and aspects of the game necessary for young players to become a well-rounded technical player. The DLVSC Technical Director works daily with our alliance partners at the Rapids to tailor this curriculum – making it appropriate to both the needs of our players and the club calendar.

The curriculum is the same one that the Colorado Rapids use throughout their youth system in Denver in order to develop and produce young professionals. It is a fantastic tool for the coaching staff of DLVSC to work from and it ensures that all of our players are taken through a program that encompasses each aspect of their longer term learning as a young soccer player.

Our teams train with Danny Stone from the Colorado Rapids Academy. This is a great opportunity for DLVSC players to work with the Youth Alliance Director from the Colorado Rapids and experience the type of training session performed daily with their youth players at the Rapids Academy.

The training curriculum, along with the club calendar, is designed to be in line with the best practice model for young players recommended by the U.S. Soccer federation and utilizes information on player development provided by many of the best youth soccer organizations and professionals from around the world.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club

Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club