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Goalkeeper Mission

For every goalkeeper, regardless of age, level, or ability – to come to training on a weekly basis and develop a deeper love for the position of goalkeeping; through hard work, great concentration and pure enjoyment of the sport. Your reward will be games on the weekend and being able to showcase your ability you have learned through our curriculum.


Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club (DLVSC) implement a player development focused Goalkeeping program which is overseen and delivered by our Director of Goalkeeping, Dan Schell. Dan, as well our other GK coach Abdel Rodriquez, are extremely well qualified and experienced to help guide our GK’s development through all aspects of their game. The DLVSC GK program has been constructed specifically to enable the young goalkeepers to grow, develop, excel, succeed, and, most importantly, enjoy the position. The sessions delivered are age specific and in line with each goalkeeper’s capabilities and individual attributes. Goalkeeping requires a specific skillset, mentality and discipline which are key areas covered in all club sessions. The GK coaching team endeavor to work with each individual GK with a view to ensuring the coaching delivered is tailored their specific needs. We believe in empowering our GK’s so they have an input on the areas they feel need developed the most. This two-way communication builds a strong trust between the coaches and the players which fosters an extremely positive and fun environment for all involved. As well as the weekly on-field GK specific sessions, our staff also assess GK’s in games and provide development focused feedback and advice. Video technology is also an area we feel is extremely important for our GK’s to fully understand the instructions and coaching delivered. The DLVSC office facility will see our staff host regular GK specific video review sessions to increase the players knowledge and understanding of all elements required to improve as a GK. Downtown LVSC’s illustrious coaching staff, individualized GK coaching program and video analysis and review, sees our provision recognized as the best in Las Vegas. 


The following are just some of the areas our staff will aim to develop to ensure each and every GK within our club receives a well-rounded learning experience in a fun environment:

  • Goalkeeper Specific Speed/Agility Fitness
  • Footwork
  • Handling
  • Shot Stopping
  • Crosses
  • 1 v 1 Goalkeeping
  • Positioning
  • Distribution
  • Set Pieces
  • Classroom review
  • Psychology



Downtown Las Vegas Soccer is a premier soccer teaching club stressing individual development over team success.

Elite Options

Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club offers the most advanced levels of play, providing opportunities from beginner to elite.


Downtown Las Vegas Soccer focuses on quality communication and valuable information for parents and players to act on.

Beginner to Advanced

All levels of play are welcome at Downtown Las Vegas Soccer. We truly focus on the “Home for Every Player” mentality.


A knowledgeable staff and the support of the DLVSC front office, you’ll find organization at its finest.

Professional Curriculum

Downtown Las Vegas Soccer provides a professional teaching curriculum that extends from the  professional team down to three-years-old.

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