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DLVSC empowers all athletes to become superior soccer players. DLVSC competitive teams service all age groups and all levels of play, enabling players to compete at their highest potential – from their first soccer experience through the rest of their lives. Beyond specific soccer skills, Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club instills virtues in our players that are useful long after the last whistle blows. Character. Sportsmanship. Discipline. Fitness. Achievement. Effort. Winning and losing the right way. Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club hopes that all players ages 3 through adults, will count their experiences with DLVSC as an indelible part of their lives by acquiring a love of the game – for all the right reasons – that will last a lifetime.
Please visit the official Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club Mission and Values section in the About Us page of this site.


  • Player development is the top priority for all Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club coaches.
  • DLVSC coaches should always consider what is best for the individual player as part of a bigger picture.
  • DLVSC coaches should encourage players to be creative and express themselves on the field.
  • DLVSC coaches must teach players how to win games. They must also teach players how to deal with losing games.
  • DLVSC coaches should encourage competition at all levels, and as often as possible in the context of training, as a way to challenge all players to improve.


Expected Coaching Behaviors

  • Games will be won, lost and tied – find teaching moments from each type of result.
  • Look for improvement from game to game – emphasis should be on continual improvement in the quality of play.
  • With input from your players as appropriate, set realistic individual and team goals prior to the start of the season and revisit them throughout the season.
  • Encourage players to play at their highest level at all times.
  • Encourage the best players to play in demanding positions.
  • Encourage players to participate in additional training sessions when appropriate.
  • Have organized practices, which are fun, up-tempo, challenging, and competitive.
  • Provide a variety of exercises to allow for repetitions of soccer fundamentals that also emphasize the key principles of the game.
  • Be excited about the game. The players will follow suit.
  • Look for ways to inspire your players.
  • When communicating with the players, be positive, keep it simple and be specific.
  • When communicating with the players, make eye contact with each player.
  • Speak in a calm voice. Be positive and encouraging.
  • Use the Socratic method – a form of inquiry and debate between individuals with opposing viewpoints based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to illuminate ideas.



There are as many as 3.8 million sports and recreation-related concussions each year in the United States.

Concussions are a serious public health concern and should be taken seriously. It is important that coaches, parents and players be made aware and are educated on the signs and symptoms of concussions.

Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club has taken a proactive approach. All Coaches are required to take an online class educating them about the seriousness of concussions. While concussions are rare in typical soccer play, it is important that parents support any decision made regarding play time to players that may have suffered a concussion.


Downtown Las Vegas Soccer supports all rules regarding the prevention and management of concussion situations.



Downtown Las Vegas Soccer is a premier soccer teaching club stressing individual development over team success.

Elite Options

Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club offers the most advanced levels of play, providing opportunities from beginner to elite.


Downtown Las Vegas Soccer focuses on quality communication and valuable information for parents and players to act on.

Beginner to Advanced

All levels of play are welcome at Downtown Las Vegas Soccer. We truly focus on the “Home for Every Player” mentality.


A knowledgeable staff and the support of the DLVSC front office, you’ll find organization at its finest.

Professional Curriculum

Downtown Las Vegas Soccer provides a professional teaching curriculum that extends from the  professional team down to three-years-old.

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