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DLVSC Goalkeeper Training has grown to be the most outstanding and proven goalkeeper sessions in Las Vegas. The Goalkeeper curriculum is age specific, for both genders, and will help develop all DLVSC competitive goalkeepers U11 – U19.  There will be separate sessions held throughout the calendar season that will be for the U5 – U10 age group goalkeepers so they progress at their own speed and environment. All goalkeeper sessions are open to DLVSC players, no matter their ability, as our aim is to not only develop the players that want to play the goalkeeper position but for those players to enjoy the position.


For every goalkeeper, regardless of age, level, or ability – to come to training on a weekly basis and develop a deeper love for the position of goalkeeping; through hard work, great concentration and pure enjoyment of the sport. Your reward will be games on the weekend and being able to showcase your ability you have learned through our curriculum.


  • Goalkeeper Specific Speed/Agility Fitness
  • Footwork and Handling
  • Shot Stopping – Front and Angles
  • Reactions and Reflexes
  • Crosses and High Balls
  • 1 v 1, Breakaways, Blocks
  • Starting and Set Positions
  • Short Distribution
  • Long Distribution
  • Classroom Session on Starting Positions and Setting Up Set Pieces
  • Field Sessions on Setting Up Set Pieces
  • Psychology of the Goalkeeper in Games and Training

Benefits of Downtown LVSC Soccer Club

What makes Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club  the premier youth soccer organization in the state.




Downtown Las Vegas Soccer is a premier soccer teaching club stressing individual development over team success.

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Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club

Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club